v2.0.1 - Polished Beta

In progress - updating this list as I go


  • The local player now supports more filetypes - .webm for videos, .m4a and .ogg for audio.

v2.0.0 - Complete Rebuild!

13th October 2021


  • Complete overhaul of site layout and design to be responsive and support small displays
  • Full support for API v2 and Firmware V3 features, most notably min/max stroke ranges
  • All-new Handy connection system
  • Nicer, pop-up error messages
  • Added dedicated randomization app with real-time feedback
  • It is now possible to apply multiple script modifications in a chain in the Modify app
  • A completely new video/audio/script player which is way better in every way
  • Scripts can now be played with .mp3 audio files
  • Scripts can now be played on their own (with no synced video or audio)


  • Manual mode now supports min and max stroke ranges
  • Cycler app now displays real-time preview of pattern
  • Made funscript heatmaps much nicer


29th July 2021


  • Double-clicking the video player now toggles fullscreen


  • The Limiter modifier no longer outputs broken funscripts (thanks for the bug report Ripovitan_R!)
  • Pressing space bar before loading a video no longer crashes the app
  • Space bar no longer opens the file dialog again if it was previously clicked (rather than drag+dropped)


30th June 2021


  • The Cycler now has an ease in / ease out balance slider to control the length and midpoint of the speed curves

v0.8.0 - Custom Modifier

26th May 2021


  • Custom javascript functions can now be used to mutate a funscripts Actions array in the Modify Script page


  • Replaced the "_HALVED" suffix to modified funscripts with "_MODIFIED"


15th May 2021


  • Made the changelog easier to update!


  • Fixed a bug preventing scripts from appearing in the Browse section


29th April 2021


  • Fixed a bug where under certain circumstances, funscripts would report invalid values for Average Speed
  • Made it possible to refresh the page when in sub-pages (like /modify) without getting a 404 error


28th April 2021


  • Solved a crash when attempting to edit the metadata of a script without existing performers or tags keys

v0.7.0 - ScriptAxis Integration

18th April 2021


  • Funscripts can now have their metadata edited in the Modify page
  • Added ScriptAxis top scripts browser to the Browse page!


18th April 2021


  • Funscript popups now filter for .funscript files (suggestion by spuzz1127)

v0.6.0 - Video Upgrades

16th April 2021

Added (suggestions by spuzz1127)

  • Video playback can now be toggled by clicking the video
  • Clicking the heatmap preview in the local player seeks through the video
  • Funscripts can be previewed during playback by clicking the small funscript button on the bottom right of the player
  • Doesn't work in fullscreen mode

v0.5.0 - UX Upgrades

15th April 2021


  • Added Limiter modifier to ensure a script matches a device's capabilities
  • Space bar now pauses/unpauses the local script player
  • Left/Right arrow keys now seek 10s back/forward in the local script player (suggestion by spuzz1127)
  • It is now possible to change the stroke speed/length increment amounts in manual mode (suggestion by Jupiter)
  • Added this changelog page!


  • Up/Down arrow keys are now used instead of left/right to change sync offset in the local script player


  • Heatmaps now show gaps in the funscript (rather than continuing the color that was before the gap)


11th April 2021


  • Stopped overwriting funscript metadata, oops! (thanks sentinel)

v0.4.0 - Initial Release

4th April 2021


  • A better local-video script player than
  • Easy to use script-modification features
  • A better manual-mode interface
  • Procedural funscript generation